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Dedicate a song to your loved one. ..

Our loved ones needs to be cherished and loved.We udually take our relations for granted and we do not consider how important they are for us.So I think that we should always show our love and care for them.What I usually do is that I make them hand made cards and then bake a cake for them.And on special occassions I usually dedicate them a song or poem.The best one for my family is "i lobe you." A poem by Barny.And believe me it does work.

So what do you do to show your love for the one you love.Do you send them a song and if yes then what it is.Sgare yourself please.. Do you think that it makes a relation strong?

Stay blessed.

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luisga814 wrote on December 12, 2014, 12:18 AM

Actually I don't have a favorite song to dedicate for my love one. I only relying on the solemnity of the lyrics as well as the music itself. If the one who sang is my favorite that's I am going to dedicate to my wife.