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Making The Most Of Shopping Online

Over the last few years, I've reached a point where I prefer to do a lot of my shopping online. While I still like going into the store to check out products and try on clothes, the fact of the matter is, I save more money purchasing the products themselves online. Between coupon codes and cash back offers I can rack up my savings pretty fast. Here's an example:

I needed to buy a new battery for my car. I used Advanced Auto Parts to do so. The list price for my battery was 96.99 plus an $18.99 core charge (refunded once old battery is brought in to be disposed of) totaling $114.99. By choosing to pick up at my local store, I avoided shipping charges. By using a coupon code from I brought that total cost down to $81.04 ($33.95 in savings). After the 18.99 core charge refund I actually only paid $62.05. Here's the bonus... by purchasing through I get $3.41 cash back PLUS since I pay with credit cards when I make online purchases... I get a cash back bonus on my credit card as well. Ultimately, by shopping online instead of paying out about $100 for the battery (after tax and the core charge refund) I paid about $58.00. Now that's what I call saving!

Obviously, savings vary by stores and coupon codes available, but 9 times out of 10 you will save at least some money shopping online and when you make sure to shop through a site like ebates, it only adds icing to the cake. If you don't shop online already, or you do but don't use coupon codes and cash back services, I sincerely recommend giving it a try. Saving a little is always nice.

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scheng1 wrote on December 11, 2014, 1:22 AM

I still prefer to go to the malls to buy things, since the mall is just a few minutes walk away. I like to mingle with a crowd of people.