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Hi fellow Persona Paper users, I'm here again trying to write sensible article. In the Philippines its December 10, 2014 there are only 14 days before Christmas but that's not the main reason why I wrote this article. I'm currently having a trouble with my Thesis, my goal is to finish it this week to be exact December 13, 2014. I want to finish this piece of work so I can enjoy my Christmas vacation. I only have 3 days and 1 night. I'm not yet done. Do you have tips or suggestions for me? I really need to finish my Thesis this week. I need your help, if you have any tips, ideas, or suggestions on how to finish thesis as fast as possible or anything please share!

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scheng1 wrote on December 10, 2014, 7:27 AM

Have you done all the researches? If yes, just write. You will write over the word limit, but you can edit after you have completed the writing.

MegL wrote on December 10, 2014, 3:07 PM

ideaoverlloyd What do you still have to do? How long should your thesis be? How much have you done already? Do you know what you want to say? Is the thesis for a college project or a doctoral thesis? Or is it an essay? Do you have a structure for your thesis? Do you have a research question or questions that you are supposed to be answering? If you are writing a doctoral thesis, I doubt you will get it finished in 3 days unless you have it nearly finished anyway. But you could look here: If you are writing a term paper then "Don't Panic: The procrastinator's guide to writing an effective term paper by Steven Posusta is your an absolutely BRILLIANT book. It can be downloaded to a Kindle and it takes about 2 hours to read. It will help you get a great thesis written and completed.