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God's Not Dead is An Awesome Movie!

I was not feeling too well today and due to the storm signal, we chose to spend Sunday at home. The kids were playing while my husband was beginning to set up his computer to catch up with some work. I took it as an opportunity to watch some of my home movies waiting for my in my hard drive. I usually copy the movies I buy into my hard drive so I can easily go from one movie to the other without having to get out of bed. (Yes, I am lazy he he). One of the movies I had was "God's not Dead." It seemed like a boring movie at first but when the scenes developed I was hooked. My heart was pounding. My head was racing, as I was made to recall things about my faith that I have forgotten. And in the end, I was in tears as my soul applauded the goodness of the Lord.

God's not Dead. A must see me.

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luisga814 wrote on December 8, 2014, 12:43 AM

With your title, I remember the contrast of it that Neitzhi wrote "God is Dead". I do believe God is not dead but philosophically if we are going to check the teaching of that philosopher, "God is Dead!"