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Coconut Oil

For months I've been reading up on the many benefits of using coconut oil in your beauty regimen. I have frizzy hair and over the years I've bought dozens of hair products that left me very disappointed. Not only did they not work but I was furious at having to shell out a pretty penny for them. Talk about a bummer.

Well today, I found "the" fix. Coconut oil that is. It was by accident that I purchased it even though I've been wanting to do so for quite a while. I'm a cheapskate and not ashamed to admit it. After being burned by the many so called miracle products I was not ready to spend another small fortune. Luckily, I spotted this baby at Aldi! For $4.99 I just couldn't let this pass up. So tonight I'm going to give my tresses, and my daughter's too, a moisturizing mask.

The process is extremely simple. Melt a couple of tbsp of oil and apply it to your hair from roots to tips. If your hair is greasy, just apply to the lower part of your hair . If your hair is long, twist into a tight bun and "seal" your hair with a shower cap. Leave it on overnight or at least for a few hours then shower as usual. This treatment should be done once or twice a week.

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scheng1 wrote on December 4, 2014, 9:47 PM

Everyone will avoid you when you have coconut oil in your hair. The scent is overpowering.

Nephthys wrote on December 4, 2014, 9:49 PM

I didn't find the scent overpowering. I actually like it lol. But yes, you definitely should be at home while doing this treatment.

Dawnwriter wrote on December 4, 2014, 11:18 PM

My daughter also has frizzy hair and is often in despair. I will also try coconut oil. Olive oil did not help much.

OldRoadsOnceTraveled wrote on December 5, 2014, 12:53 AM

I love the scent of coconut, and I've always favored coconut-scented shampoos and lotions. I have frizzy hair, too. Please do a review post to let us know how it worked.

Madcanman wrote on December 5, 2014, 5:36 AM

Yes, let everyone know how things turned out. We especially enjoy cooking our popcorn in coconut oil. We then toss it with nutritional yeast and just a little (or so my wife thinks!) salt. She's also begun to experiment with it in other ways.

melody23 wrote on December 5, 2014, 12:56 PM

I have been reading a lot about coconut oil too after meeting someone at a funeral of all places who told me about the benefits. I have been taking coconut oil tablets for a while now and I have to say that I definitely do have more energy than I did before. Its supposed to be good for weight loss as well but I haven't lost any weight that I have noticed as yet. I also recently switched to a coconut oil shampoo because I also have quite dry hair, but I haven't used it yet because I still have some of the old stuff I was using left and wont throw it out just because I want to try something new.

marialy18 wrote on December 7, 2014, 11:46 PM

My hair also frizzy. I apply natural coconut oil to my hair half day and wash it with shampoo and conditioner.
I just avoid going out from the house when using it.

rana199426 wrote on December 14, 2014, 3:29 AM

Yeah it's a good oil, it would be also great to drink the coconut water, it's very beneficial :)