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How to Maintain a Relationship with we are Couple

Definitely a lot of friends who already have a couple. The couple is very meaningful for us. Sometimes they're attitude sucks, but we still love and a lot of things that we've been through as a couple.

I will share tips or ways to maintain an association with couples to remain together and be a Lasting Relationship.

1. Mutual gives confidence
In a relationship, trust is very important. Because if there is no trust, We will always think negatively to our spouse, and certainly will be possessive. Possessive attitude will lead to things that are not comfortable for couples.

2. Mutual Understanding
This attitude is also important in a relationship, we must understand the work, activity, or routines of our couple. If not, we will find always dissatisfied with what we couple intervenes. Though They are been doing a lot of things for us.

3. Current communication
Keeping Communication, When couples do not ask how, then we have to give the news to our couple, whatever his condition. Not to be prestige. If not it will also lead to suspicion and bad thoughts are very large

4. Honest
Honesty is needed in a relationship. When we are not honest and are caught, it will cause great contention, and may be broken. So we must always be honest with our couple.

5. Maintain Commitment
At the beginning of a relationship there commitment certainly we usually agree. Well, we have to keep that commitment, then we will be a lasting relationship.

Take care of your couple as well as possible, then they will reciprocate your kindness as well. Love them <3

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scheng1 wrote on December 3, 2014, 10:05 PM

It is good to get advice from those who have been married for 60 years!