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Pirate Ninja Monkeys Invade Canada

Shortly after 1:00 Tuesday afternoon, screams erupted from a greyhound bus station in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Several cute, but apparently vicious monkeys in a mix of Pirate and Ninja attire started taking hostages and robbing people of their money. They also took any banana product the hostages had in their possession at the time ranging from banana pudding to banana hammocks. Within hours every greyhound station in Canada was under attack and Pirate Ninja Monkeys were behind the wheel of every greyhound bus in Canada and heading toward the home of Canada’s Prime Minister.

At this moment, the Pirate Ninja Monkey’s are still at large, and the Prime Minister has been taken into protective custody. No one is sure what the cause of the attacks were, but the Canadian Police Officials have been armed with large nets and have been told to approach these hostile creatures with extreme caution.

As of Wednesday morning, only a few of the Pirate Ninja Monkeys had been apprehended. When questioned by authorities they all gave the same response. “Oo Oo Ee Ee!” No one is currently talking, but theories have begun to surface as questions regarding the Keeper of the Pirate Ninja Monkeys whereabouts were raised. Speculation has now begun that he unleashed his Pirate Ninja Monkey horde in order to capture the Canadian Prime minister and bring him to the United States to run the country since our previous leaders have failed so horribly. Canadian Officials have chosen not to comment at this time.

We’ll bring you more as this story progresses.

(This is what happens when I get bored... I must have been really bored when I wrote this in 2008.)

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scheng1 wrote on December 3, 2014, 10:33 PM

hmmm, if you are the owners of these monkeys, you can retire rich.

Ellis wrote on December 15, 2014, 11:55 AM

You wanna get bored more often...