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Gardening is a spiritual activity

Gardening is really a spiritual activity.

That is because gardening allows you to experience life and death in your own backyard.

You witness the seedlings sprout from the seeds, and you experience a joy that lightens up your life.

As the seedlings grow bigger, you worry about the impact of the diseases and weather.

Many young plants die because of diseases and pests.

When the plants finally flower and bear fruits, you know that the end is not far away.

No plant can live forever, and when it is time to harvest, you have to make the difficult decision to kill the plants.

Many gardeners know the importance of tough love. They know that the rose bush will not produce beautiful roses unless they prune the rose bush.

They cut away practically the whole rose plants. This is tough love. When the rose plants are barren, they will produce beautiful roses and leaves.

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bestwriter wrote on December 2, 2014, 9:47 PM

You can say that again. I am a passionate garden and I experience it every single day.