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Very Poor Customer Service Day!

Sunday. November 30th. Mark this day. I think aside from our holiday (Bonifacio Day), there's one occasion that I need to curse or celebrate while my eyeballs are rolling... I call it VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE DAY!

Internet technician dropped by for follow-up repair because our service has been on and off for more than a week. Earlier, technician told us to call on Tuesday for a new modem and he will arrive on Wednesday to install it. Technician was asked several questions like: WHY ON TUESDAY? WHY NOT NOW? He beat around the bush until he called his boss. They find out that we use one desktop and one laptop. The desktop is used for home-based job and they assume that even the laptop is also being used for home-based job. The two conclude that we use our Internet for BUSINESS that's why our Internet bandwidth exceeds and now, our Internet service is acting up. First of all, they can't answer a simple question and then suddenly, they indirectly blame their customers using their very intelligent assumption that we use our Internet for business... using one desktop and one laptop? For business? For real? Poor customer service!

Late in the afternoon, we bought some items. People stood in a long line because there was only one cashier. Two senior citizens behind me were complaining because of the wrong system. In other stores, there are priority lanes for seniors and disabled... or at least two or more cashiers, especially on weekends or holidays. Where's the manager of this store? They should know how to run their business! Poor customer service!

Afterwards, we went to one of the restaurants for dinner. Food serving took so long. Inattentive service crews. We asked for another java rice but we waited for another 20 minutes then they gave us plain rice. WOW! What a day! After all the hassles, we prepared LECHE FLAN at home to celebrate a VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE we had experienced.

Image Credit » Photo is mine, I drew it in Paint

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maxeen wrote on November 30, 2014, 12:15 PM

I know that feeling! It is a constant blight. If we don't laugh at these things they would send us mad.

Ruby3881 wrote on December 1, 2014, 4:27 AM

Wow, I feel for you! It sounds like you made the best choice by having dessert at home :)