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How to cope up with Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, then here are few tips to cope up and lead a normal life. There are few things that you have to take care in addition to the drugs prescribed by you Physician.


The first and foremost weapon available with you is streamlining your food intake. Reduce the carbohydrates rich food and increase the intake of protein rich food. Secondly, the food you take should be taken in portions and not in a single meal. The meaning is that the meals should be taken in portions, so that there is no spike in sugar level.


Exercising for at east 30 mins in a day is compulsory and depending upon your physical fitness you can undertake walking,jogging,weight training etc. But what ever form it may be,but it is compulsory. try Yoga it soothes your nerves. Take care not to overdo that may lead to hypoglycemic situations.

Take care of your feet.

One of part that will be affected is your feet. Diabetes affects the nervous system and is is severe in the feet. To overcome that it is imperative that you giving a massage to your soles by dipping them in a bucket of warm water followed by massaging them with a foot cream.

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iqbal wrote on November 29, 2014, 12:31 AM

it is a silent killer.diabetes patients should really take care of their food and health too.they must be much careful about any kind of wound.