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Simple Reason Why We Attend General Assembly Of Our Electric Coop

Today is the 36th Year of annual general assembly of our electric cooperative. Yearly, thousands of people are attending the annual assembly who came from 32 municipalities and 2 cities of our province Ilocos Sur. Would you believe that some of the consumers will rent a mini-bus, passenger utility van, passenger jitney and use their own vehicle just to write their name in the attendance sheet.

So, what are these simple reasons:

1. They wanted to run for Board of Director in the next election of the cooperative and you must have a good attendance to the general assembly prior to the filing of candidacy.

2. They wanted to win hundreds of prizes that the Ilocos Sur Electric Cooperative has prepared. Hundreds of items can be won in the free raffle draw.

3. They wanted the souvenir which comprised of t-shirt or umbrella.

4. They wanted the free snack.

5. They wanted to participate in programs like singing in the karaoke.

6. Like a fiesta in the event.

One or two or all of the reasons above can invite you to attend the general assembly.

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maxeen wrote on November 22, 2014, 6:56 AM

I think you are lucky to have that electric cooperative and i hope it prospers. Just had a look at Ilocus Sur. It is superb,reminds me of France , and not what I imagined.