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Why My Buddies Love Minecraft

The first time I played Minecraft, I was really dizzy and it took me forever to be able to finish a structure. I became uninterested with the game. But then I wondered why people loved Minecraft so much.

I sat down and asked my brother and boyfriend why they liked Minecraft so much, and they say they love the feeling they receive at the completion of a new structure, but there is also exploring, killing enemies, mining and other creative activities. They also tell me that there are more installations and updates that makes the game better and more interesting, such as Mods, which contain updates on enemies, items, and the character, and the Redstone Hand Book, which allows you to make interesting contraptions for your structures. My buddies’ answers are that they love hunting and killing enemies more than anything else. Hee hee! Psychos!

I love the unique creations they make through Minecraft; it’s very impressive.

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Andrewmorris45 wrote on November 25, 2014, 12:07 PM

I have heard of that game a lot and it's doing very well apparently here in South Africa. I don't know any one who has the game and I don't have it myself, but if I had enough money I'd sure would love to get it

angelsherry wrote on November 26, 2014, 1:22 AM

What you could is start saving money little by little and then get it when you can. It's like saving for the trip of your dreams and you'll wait a little longer because we only got one life to live so why not? You'll play it some day. You might enjoy it a lot! Most people I am surrounded with do!

scheng1 wrote on December 2, 2014, 7:13 AM

You might as well tell him that PP is like playing game. You earn coins, and you get cashout at the end.

GayleStorm wrote on January 1, 2015, 4:57 PM

There's so much to do in Minecraft that it can be overwhelming at first. When I played, I set it on Peaceful mode so no enemies spawned. I spent all my time building up a farm complete with chickens, rainbow sheep and herds of cats and dogs. My real home was underground in a huge cave that I decorated with vines.