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I'm so stressed out I could cry

I'm stressed out. I have a lot of schedules to work around which is why I try to find things like this where it's more work at home sort of thing. My mom and sister work the same schedule and both have cars, I have training but it was all working out. I typically go to training Tuesday night and Friday morning. My sister has Friday and Saturday off so it worked over all except with me finding a job. About a week ago something happened with my sister's car, apparently the starter and it broke until Saturday maybe, so my sister and my mom found a way to change schedules and use one car to get them to work and back. My mom's car started acting up and we have no idea what's wrong with it. My mom went to go pick up my sister and I got a text saying her car broke down on the high way. I have no car here to try to go help her or get her. Whatever is wrong with her car is going to take a bit of money to fix, she helps with my training payment so it's not like she has a whole lot left over to do it, my sister hopefully can get her car fixed Saturday but if she can't we have 2 people who work outside not being able to get there and my sister and I can't get to training and I had a truck but sold it almost a year ago and I have no idea what's going to happen and I'm stressed out over wrestling and trying to find work at home things to make more money and I'm like mentally drained.

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