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My sister played a prank on me

Today I watched a few Supernatural episodes trying to get caught up. I'm about in the middle of season 6 now. My family are big believers in God, the devil, angels, demons etc. So I'm talking to my mom and go upstairs with her to talk about the Supernatural episodes showing the apocalypse and the world ending, tying to the bible and how smooth Lucifer is. It's extrememly interesting. So we keep going and end up talking about how scary it will be. You know a lot of the time things like that can make you paranoid. After talking to her about it for almost an hour I go back downstairs around ten. My sister is on a air mattress on the living room floor and I'm sitting on the arm of the couch, neither close enough to the remote to touch it even if you stretch. Suddenly the TV changes channel and I'm like “Barbara did you see that?!” and she says no and acts like it's not big deal. Then the channel keeps changing so I'm freaking out because I just talked about the supernatural and I'm over here like “Barbara look! It keeps changing channels! Now it's on mute! Now it's loud! Oh my God.” so after my supernatural talk I'm about to leave my sister downstairs and take off upstairs because it's creepy. My sister goes “want to watch Family Feud?” and the channel changes to family feud and she starts cracking up. Her phone somehow has a remote control on it and she was using it to mess with me. I didn't even know cell phones could get remotes! I freaked out so bad it was embarrassing.

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maxeen wrote on November 20, 2014, 10:26 AM

I can just imagine that scene,It would be spooky,my laptop acts like that on occasions..