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My sister surprised me with an early Christmas present

So today I spent my day cleaning and cooking dinner. When my sister got home with my mom from work she told me not to look in this bag because my Christmas present was in there. I already gave her her Christmas present so I was just like okay cool whatever. I go in the kitchen talking to my mom then my sister comes around the corner and says she's going to give it to me now and she doesn't know if she'll be able to buy me another present for actual Christmas, I can't get her something else so I'm just like okay cool. She then tells me how it's a surprise and a sorry for what she said to me yesterday and her and my mom looked so exicted so I started getting excited and she pulls out a Roman Reigns action figure! Roman Reigns, if you don't know, is a wrestler, he's my favorite wrestler and one of my heroes so I freaked out. I thank you hu her and all that and go to the living room looking it over and I flip it over and it has Roman Reigns autograph on it and I squealed. I'm grateful she apologized for hurting me the day before and I would have been good with that, then her getting me a surprise and it being about a person who inspires me was so amazing and I'm so happy she got it for me.

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