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I miss my best friend

One of the saddest things in my opinion is when you can feel yourself growing apart from someone. Especially when it was someone you were so close to. I used to be extremely close to this person he was one of my best friends. We went through so much together, death, relationships, break ups, chasing our dreams etc. I talked to him every day and could tell him everything he was one of the best friends I ever had. He hates my ex. I obviously don't and wanted to be friends with him again, my friend got mad and we got in a fight and didn't talk for a few months. After a while we talked it out and became friends, went back to talking every day it was great. Then I introduced him to another site that he could write, which is his dream, and he could make money and suddenly that's all he talked to me about and eventually it caused another fight. We fixed it though but we started barely talking. I felt our friendship growing apart and tried to fix it but it seemed he had no interest now we haven't talked for a few months and I miss that friendship. We talked about family problems, friend problems, feelings, wrestling, me training, him getting back on track with getting his diploma to finally get back in college, everything and anything and I know some of the fights were my fault and I just really miss my friend.

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Madcanman wrote on November 18, 2014, 4:54 AM

There will be times when you'll just have to realize when you'll have to let go of certain things. Friendships take work, and it sounds like you tried. Maybe, if enough time slips by you can make another attempt, but know that it just may not ever be the same.

Scorpie wrote on November 18, 2014, 8:10 AM

As I got older I did not care to put in the effort to keep many friendships going. There are people that I was inseparable from at one time and now haven't heard from in twenty years.

LoudMan wrote on November 18, 2014, 9:13 AM

If you gave it your best, you gave it your best. People change and grow, though.