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Wealth: To Be Possessed But Not Obsessed

This is a short poem to remind us where to focus our attention. The test of wealth is Greater than the test of poverty.

Life's Test: Spiritual Health vs. Material Wealth

Being Wealthy Is A Very Difficult Test

Congratulations, you have made it here, only because you are not like the rest
having killed yourself to succeed, now you're relaxed having passed life's test
yet, you have made one mistake, due to your standard of living you fail to see
an unperceived eventuality escaped notice, but it is what must ultimately be

Our experiences in life, it does make us just who and what we are
yet, with our egos to deal with, we all think we have to be the star
society pressures us, at times, lending us to believe what we're not
thinking money and status will bring, that artificial fix, to your spot

No one ever told them, while they acquire what they think they comprehend
a forgotten day will arrive, not very far off, when all this will come to an end
not having fulfilled even half of their dreams, against their will to be ushered off
a bad dream that won't go away, like leaving this world with a cold, a last cough

Money does bring happiness, but it most certainly comes with an unforeseen cost
being rich is a test, harder than poverty to the poor, choose wisely, don't get lost
wealth has Heaven deposited by you, for you to realise it's only a means to an end
inheriting an eternity above, with money upon the poor and needy for you to spend

Your monetary health is dependent on another, spiritual health must you first secure
maintaining your lifestyle and retaining your wealth, is connected to helping the poor
while your money won't last forever, the good you do with it will bring everlasting reward
so tread this path of righteousness, eternal bliss awaits, from God alone have you secured

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iwrite28 wrote on November 16, 2014, 7:46 AM

I opened this post because this is a sentiment that I feel too and I thoroughly enjoyed the poem.

SLGarcia wrote on November 23, 2014, 2:10 PM

My sentiments almost exactly - excellent poem, I enjoyed it a lot.