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Some ideas to Enjoy movies on iPad

The iPad and iPad mini have been used more and more widely in our daily life. It is not just used for education, but also works for art. The Cleveland Museums of Art’s ART LENS app for iPads is available for visitors. It can help visitors embrace art history and all of its nuances. Museum visitors can load the museum’s Art Lens app onto their own iPads or rent one during their visits to create custom curated tours.

In the Cleveland Museum’s halls, visitors are greeted by a 40-ft touchscreen wall that displays all of the artwork currently on display. Visitors can resize the digital versions, get directions to their exact locations and choose which ones they want they’d like to see to build customized tours. The tours can be loaded from the touchscreen onto their iPads. Tablet rentals are just $5 per day for visitors that don’t have their own.

In our life, we often play videos/movies on iPad or iPad mini. But some videos cannot play on it, what should you do at the time? The problem is just the video format. There are some ways to solve the problem for you.

The method is that you can convert videos/movies to iPad/iPad mini directly. The guide is just the same as the avi to iPad conversion process. The tool you will need is iPad Video Converter. The only one difference of guide is the middle step. You can select the iPad/iPad mini as your target output format. Then you can get the right file finally.

The other way you can do is buying the omnipotent player, but it is not cheap for only watching movies.

In my opinion, I like use the third-party video converting software to convert video on Windows for playing some portable devices. Because the memory of device is limited and your iPad may crash easily if it installs too many apps or players. Do you think so? If you have any other tips, please leave a message and share with others.

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Darknight wrote on November 14, 2014, 9:20 AM

I am planning to buy a new i Pad mini within two month and my friend got one it is really cool to watching videos and playing games with it.