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Life's Only a Maze Until the End of Days

This is a short poem reflecting on this missing puzzle in our lives. Our battles are for a purpose. A constructive purpose. And the ultimate decisive factor on whether we will succeed or not depends on how quickly we can come to terms with this reality.

Life is really A-MAZ(E)ING

Standing here alone, before me is a faceless enemy that I behold
brought into this world, hoping to affect my life as time will unfold
deeper meanings exist, to be understood only by a discerning soul
as battles rage to conquer desires, and to once again gain control

Beyond all imagination exists a world, a place where words still sing
a world which brings people together, unified in peace under a king
utopia now has a place to call home, no longer will people be at war
new hearts will be given to men, and once again, love will we restore

Night has been transformed into day, laws of nature no longer rule
hearts of the wicked have been destroyed, never again to be cruel
my tears have since dried, and the destitute once again have hope
dreams for a better life do we now hold, learning just how to cope

In the middle of the night, the moon's reflection breaks forth, what a site
the world rejuvenates, watching the sun as she reaches her new height
watching the wind blowing gently through her hair, the sun now falls
only to be reminded, my love has gone, the sun beckons with her calls

Even in our darkest hours, there is hope as we search for our own salvation
we perceiving the Light of God Amidst the Darkness, for we are His creation
never give up even if the situation becomes desperate, help is close at hand
only first we must come to acknowledge, those are our footsteps in the sand

When you find yourself at the end of your rope, you better take your cue
God has brought upon you a lesson to be learned, a lesson just for you
man will yet rise above, having the ability to change his selfish ways
only then will he find eternal peace, before reaching those final days

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carmela wrote on November 12, 2014, 7:27 PM

i love your poem cause it's very inspiring!

2bpositive wrote on November 13, 2014, 4:38 AM

Thank you Carmela, most of my writing fall unser the "inspirational poetry" heading. I hope to post many more very soon.
All the Best.

Scorpie wrote on November 13, 2014, 5:27 PM

Be right back, a bug must have flown into my eye. I think our purpose is to evolve beyond our current state and eventually explore the universe. We must first master ourselves. Beautiful wiring.