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Telltale's Game of Thrones to Feature 5 Protagonists & 6 Episodes

Last year, Telltale Games announced that they were making a Game of Thrones game and I believe it's more based on the tv show rather than the books. Since that time, details have been rather light. However, despite this, I've been looking forward to the game since it was announced. Afterall, I've rather enjoyed Telltale's games, not just The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. I also enjoy A Game of Thrones, so there's been plenty of reasons to look forward to this game. I feel Telltale are the perfect choice to make a Game of Thrones game because of their storytelling ability and their focus on narrative.

However, lately they've begun to give more details on the game. First of all, it is on track to release before the end of the year and if I had to guess, they really are prepping to release it soon due to the influx of teasers etc. over the past couple of days. Next it was announced that players will control 5 characters belonging to the same family where their choices will affect each other. The 5 characters part is interesting and I wonder how they'll pull it off if the episodes are around the normal running time of 90 minutes. Maybe they'll make them longer, but to save disappointment, I'd recommend people assume they'll around 90 minutes each, same as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2. Either way, I never really had a problem with the characterisation in the other games because plenty of movies do fine with characterisation their one hour and a half - two hours running time. That said, it's a bit different in games when you're controlling the characters when it comes to growing attached, I guess, but it's not something I'm worried about. Rather, what I am skeptical about is the comment that each character's choices will each the other family members if it was meant in the sense that 'the player's choices, not the ones that are fixed for each playthrough, will matter'. Typically, the differences are very minor from choices. But fingers crossed it'll be different. Even if things aren't, the story and writing should still be good. I can live with that.

Finally, it was also announced that there will be 6 episodes rather than 5, which is good. So, even if the episodes are the usual length, the game will be longer overall than the last two titles.

Unfortunately, there's no news on what platforms the game will be released on. I would, however, assume PC for sure.

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