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Tips on Growing out your TSU Network

TSU Tips from the Online Business Perspective:

As a business pro online today I know that it's not easy to start out. I began way back in 2009 with zero knowledge on how to build a website, write a blog, join a social community or social network, create videos for YouTube, or any of this online stuff. However I did have one unfair advantage over most people online today and that was I was web savvy. I knew how to use my mouse pretty good, I knew about my web browser functionality, I knew the computer front and back as a computer repair technician who was self trained. I could take apart my computer and rebuild it if I wanted.

This was in the year 2008 when I had returned home from the US Navy. I chose to train myself in computing before I got out of the Navy which was after serving 10 years honorable active duty service as a Calibrations Supervisor and Aviation Electronics Technician.

This is basically what most folks don't have out here on the World Wide Web today, which is the confidence to know that their computing activities is going to be safe. This brought me to the online business world of things aka E-Business as a person seeking to help others rather than the opposite. So from the very start of my online pursuits I was destined to earn my keep out here in terms of gaining a well respected web reputation that could take my profiles I chose to place into action years later around the world and back multiple times.

"Who would have known ahead of time it could all start from fighting virus wars and having to save my computer back in the year 2006". I didn't even have a Facebook account, official Gmail or YouTube back then. YouTube started back in 2006 and Facebook back in 2004. So no one knew what any of them would become. Look at them now!

How it all started online for me:

My very first business website I began is still in action today and it's known as FPC-Virtual. The funny thing is when i first got started I had no idea what to create, I had no tools, nor did I even know this could be possible for me to develop my very own website.

Flash forward 5 years later and it brings into focus what online potential can truly do for a single person who wishes to help others. Thus far my online business has helped over 2 million people worldwide in some way or another. Now my friends that's what I consider to be a miracle in itself for a person like myself who had zero knowledge, no formal training on how to make it happen, heck I'm not even a coder type web designer, and so how in the world did I make this all happen?

I will address such a thing in future articles, but I just wanted people to know that today you don't need to be the best at anything. You simply need to realize that this online world is for anyone, and everyone at any given skill level. Once you find your niche, you need to do your best to improve on it, and to take yourself to the next level with it all. If nothing works with it for far to long, you will be needing to make adjustments, maybe try blogging about your difficulties and think of smarter ways to come up with solutions.

This is that brain food that the world truly needs to be digesting, and the subject matters that shall help unearth many folks from out of their deep slumber, because I'm telling you all now that if you don't adjust, don't adapt, don't shift your thought process from stagnation. You will continue to get left in the dust out here, because no one really cares about folks who aren't willing to make a change and at least attempt to make a real difference for themselves or others in their midst.

Paying it forward Pay's in unique ways:

Speaking on helping others. The art of paying it forward works when this comes in, but you should never ever expect others to either repay you for your giving nature, nor should you stress about not being blessed at all. It's not even a gamble because paying it forward should be something that's done from the heart, and never looked back upon as if you wasted a part of yourself by giving to others.

I learned that the hard way throughout my life and will never fall into that self destructive mindset of helping others and expecting something back in return. Instead I give from the heart and hope and pray the people I give to can someday benefit from my offerings. Once I am done paying it forward my job is done for that particular transaction and I move on, if I get blessed than so be it, but I don't expect anything back whatsoever.

This is how to grow out your network on any given platform, especially out there on the New TSU social networking monetized platform. As professionals online we have a duty to provide folks with relevant high quality content that provides some sort of intrinsic value to them. So when we choose to do the right thing by others, it's sometimes just that. Providing awesome visuals for example helps to win people over if your an artist, a photographer, a videographer, movie/film director type. So you see the bigger picture out on the social web today pertains to the overall quality a person manages to manifest in the content they can afford to share with others.

Sometimes it's just by being yourself, and not trying to imitate others which becomes your niche if people love or like your personality. Keep giving them that if it's what they prefer to get more of from your content and visual displays, or even text of the more personal nature, but never confidential of course. That seems to work wonders on places like YouTube, and through video form for myself and for countless others worldwide whom are into Vlogging aka video logging or short for Vlog.

Online Experience is the only Teacher -

I know all of this because I live and breathe this online world. I been working my business since 2010 online after my first year of self training with drag and drop web design using and and from there I began to see my own view of things and how difficult it was to generate original content. I started out using templates, and whatever those sites allowed for its users to utilize.

As the years progressed things shifted a great deal towards me becoming a blogger, and then a professional writer for Hubpages. I wrote a great deal of words out there close to a million actually. Once I moved onto what is known as the Bubblews platform that's when my creativity exploded in terms of writing and being able to find imagery from Public Domain locations such as which took my writing to the next level which is freedom of thought placed onto page. There I was able to blow by the Million words mark online, and my future was destined to be sealed out here. "Closing in on 2000 Bubble articles there, and just slowed down".

At the same time I was achieving amazing things on YouTube surpassing 1 million views there with my first ever amateur channel, and basically a rough draft for someone who had no training at all in the visual departments. I'm probably one of the worst videographers there, but still like I stated it's not really about being the best online, but instead being yourself which helps to move the crowd.

My content there has been visited by people from all walks of life and from over 240 countries on the planet. I would have never imagined such a thing could occur. I simply wanted to share my world view with others and many of my hobbies such as playing basketball, a cool sport known as Kikbo, and I aimed to help people with tutorial videos for computing and it emerged into other arenas as I began learning about vlogging, and other cool ways to grow out my networking communications there using YouTube SEO.

Adaptation - Overcoming all obstacles Online

People when things shift from experiences we've had out here online and can culminate themselves onto a platform like TSU. There's no limitation to how far it can be taken, and we're talking earning potentials in the millions of dollars per years if not more. The future is being etched. We all wish to be a part of it, but if you act as though the money you wish to see will come automatically for not making much efforts. I'm sorry but your just being a fool out here.

Those who achieve the greatest success online truly have to earn it, even if you are a gamer like PewDiePie on YouTube or maybe PSY of Gangnam Style .

This thing takes a tremendous amount of invested creative energies to churn out amazing results. If you add experience with timing, and the right human resources you'll end up having amazing results as well. Top it off with a great persona, awesome visuals, a good web reputation and your formula for success shall literally shoot far past the roof! here online. "Slow and Steady wins when coupled with higher quality content". Research copyright laws, terms of use everywhere, and community guidelines, comply to them and your set. Oh and teach others via videos, writing, and info graphics.

We all can achieve true success today online, but we need to realize where we're trying to go with it all. With a vision of where you've been already you have surely provided yourself a true knowledge and the wisdom to sense where you're headed with things. Not everyone will be able to clearly see this path even if they had the resources, and man power to make it happen. However some of us have surely paid our dues out here on the social web and much of them are due to exceed all expectations now thanks to TSU allowing us all a platform to grow out our networking communications as well as earn from it all. This is so mainly because of such a true new age vision you should have by now if you've actually done the necessary things to gain such a vision. This understanding is wisdom and shall help you to pave way for a much better future out here that truly has unlimited growth potential.

"The boat is currently at the docking point loading up passengers". It's now up to you to bring as many people aboard that you feel are also ready for a wonderful voyage. We cannot worry about the storms we shall surely weather, we should think about the final destination that may surely come at the end of such a wondrous adventurous trip.

You can then thank the Captain later for not hitting any icebergs, if you all manage to stay afloat and make it to paradise island, which some know it as fantasy island. It's happened out there on YouTube, and so why can't it happen again on a cool new social network that pays. Think about it folks!

Thoughts of the Philosophical Nature by Mike Pugh "Choose Wisely" is the overall theme!


Mike Pugh aka CloudExplorer (My nickname and TSU Shortcode)

Owner of FPC-Virtual © 2014. All rights reserved.

"The Million words Blogger"

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iwrite28 wrote on November 11, 2014, 1:55 AM

This was a well written description of your foray into the virtual world. My TSU name is iwrite28.

Feisty56 wrote on November 11, 2014, 12:00 PM

When you write about success, you do so from having climbed the ladder from the very bottom -- with knowing very little about the online world -- and working your way up one rung at a time. I appreciate both the inspiration and the insights you've provided here.

BarbRad wrote on November 11, 2014, 5:56 PM

I began my foray online much as you did, back in 1996. I knew nothing about hardware except which button to push to turn the computer on and off. I had to just keep learning, as you did, when better software was invented. Now my biggest issue is time.

CloudExplorer wrote on November 12, 2014, 10:06 PM

Thanks so much for the cool comment. This is all I know for the most part and can only express that which I have truly experienced out here online :) so glad you have been able to sense it from reading it. I truly wish for others to think about steering the right directions on TSU if they wish to continue to grow out there networking missions and campaigns there.

CloudExplorer wrote on November 13, 2014, 6:10 AM

Hey Deb so glad you made it here to my article. I did my very best to point out all the things I firmly believe many people can truly relate to out here. As the world spins in reference to us humans making strides to succeed of the back of others, and from using these online techknologies an evolution of sorts is occuring where fair sharing is becoming much more desired and the wave of the now and the future I do hope and pray.

We all need to brace ourselves because not everyone will be able to fit into the closed tight situational status driven communities. Globally we need to be made much more aware of this stuff and as to what all we can do to help each other survive the waves being created by these online start-ups that make such attempts.

CloudExplorer wrote on November 13, 2014, 11:17 AM

Yeah tme management is very crucial with it all out here online. I'm into scheduling things a great deal like with YouTube projects. I tend to plan them out for months ahead and have them worked on and ready to launch on set schedules. At times though things get hectice and I gotta work overtime out here, the thing that helps me is I been working from home since 2011 and so it's been a good thing to be able to have more time to try and manage it all. So I understand what you mean, even with all the time I have it's still tough out here.

Thanks for the cool comment and for caring to share with me BarbRad