By in Writing

The Concealed / Revealed

From behind the veil, my tears, I dare to peer out
while forever longing, wishing to remove all doubt
waiting for a time, when the hidden will be revealed
when truth will prevail, no longer to remain concealed

This self-banishment is my unbroken silence, a journey I take
in order to traverse my world within, all else I must forsake
finally hoping to arrive, by following a destination foreseen
this remains my sole means of escape, fleeing to my dream

The hardships we all endure, why to remain mentally impeded
life's momentary setbacks, keep us from becoming conceded
this life is a prison, like in those dreams, we hide but cannot flee
ultimately time will dictate, how many years remain for us "to be"

To be" or "not to be" is then no longer a question, but is the answer
while for those who choose unwisely, "to be" becomes their cancer
how can they turn those unmovable hands, how to retrieve the past
to be given one more chance, and maybe to find eternal peace at last

Lies multiply advancing with time, caught in the confusion of the storm
nevertheless, you refuse to budge, you would rather die than conform
knowing what life is really about, you remove the darkness from the light
giving selflessly to others what they need most, and you become their sight

We can't always recognize the good in all things, but we will soon understand
when the concealed is revealed, only then will we recognize the guiding hand
along with the setting of the sun, are those dreams for us to ultimately behold
tears no longer to be shed, because now you're forever part of a heavenly fold

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iwrite28 wrote on November 12, 2014, 9:11 AM

Lovely thoughts, expressed very well. You have a gift.

iwrite28 wrote on November 15, 2014, 3:15 PM

Another lovely, lovely poem. This is the second one of yours I read after Utopia. You really have a gift :)