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Tips for Setting Up a Business Blog

The advantages of blogging for business are numerous, which would explain the explosion of small business blogs that are floating around in cyberspace.

Blogs are;

> Low cost and most are actually free to set up.

> Easy to maintain and update. They require no special software skills. Basically anyone that can operate a Facebook account can handle blogging.

> A great way to communicate with the public. Their interactivity is one of the fantastic features that have made them so popular. Information can be update and customers can give a real time response.

So how does a business go about setting up a blog?

Create a Blog with a Free Registry or are two of the most popular blog registries. The set up is easy and free and you can literally be blogging within minutes. Although, it is wise to spend some time planning a strategy for the blog before jumping right in.

Choose a Theme and Name

The blog registry has several free generic themes that can be adopted by your business. It is best though to make an effort to tie your company colors and style into the look of the blog so that you are recognizable online. The name of the blog should also represent your business at a glance.

Delegate Blog Updates to a Specific Team

To be successful a blogging campaign must be consistent and relevant. This means that it is best to delegate responsibility for updating the company’s blog to a specific team of people. These folks will send out regular messages and content as well as respond to comments and questions that are posted to the blog.

Be Mindful of Protecting Your Blogging Image

The informality of a blog can sometimes promote users to slip into an overly casual mode, but the selected users need to remember that they are representing the company at all times. The blog should provide content that is fresh and interesting and it should market the company’s products and services. It should also serve as a platform to interact with users and potential users of the company’s products.

Submit the Blog to Directories

These are website communities that help to boost a blog’s index, which translated means that by submitting your blog to these sites users are more likely to find them using a search engine. There is no need to submit your blog to every blog directory you come across. Submitting it to a few of the most popular should be enough to allow people to find your context using a contextual search.

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