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Make Your Home Seem Bigger and Brighter

Small spaces can feel confined and uncomfortable, not exactly words anyone wants to use to describe their home. Having a small footprint though does not condemn a house to a cramped state forever. There are ways to use color, furniture and even accessories to make your house seem a lot bigger than it is. There is an old saying that goes "what the eye sees, the mind believes". This can be used to your advantage in decorating your small space, and soon you will no longer feel the walls closing in on you.

Think About Color

It is a well known fact that cool colors expand and warm colors contract. This means that smaller rooms benefit from color schemes from the cool side of the color chart. These include blues, greens and whites. You are not restricted to these colors though. Any color can be used if the tone is from the lighter spectrum. So if you prefer browns then use a brown that is toned down with white to increase its reflective properties. You may end up with light beige or ecru and this will definitely help open up your space. Using the same color scheme throughout the entire house helps to unify the space and makes it seem larger because the rooms are not defined by starting and stopping a color but rather they flow one into the other.

Choose Your Furniture Pieces Wisely

Furniture can gobble up valuable floor space so make sure you select pieces that work double duty to minimize on what you need to have in the room. An ottoman can serve as extra seating and act as a coffee table with a solid tray set in the middle. Nesting tables are another great option for those that like to entertain but have limited space. These tables stack neatly into each other but they can be pulled apart and place around the room as they are needed. You should also try to get furniture that fits the size of your room. It is possible to find small scale but comfortable furniture if you look around. Ikea has some great options that are not oversized and yet they don't sacrifice comfort. It also helps if furniture is set off the floor. This means that a sofa that is set on small legs is preferable to a sofa that fits flat on the floor. By using this type of furniture you create the illusion of more space because the eye can see the full expanse of floor.

Be Careful With Your Use of Pattern

Small spaces tend to feel less cluttered if the patterns used in the room are consistent. This does not mean that you must have one pattern throughout your entire house. On the contrary you can use compatible patterns but the trick is to ensure that color unifies them and they are repeated somewhere in the house. It is sometimes possible to get reverse patterns. These really help to effortlessly coordinate the look of a house. You should also have a mixture of plain and patterned materials throughout the house to give the eye a place to rest.

Recognize the Importance of Light

People often walk around thinking their house is too dark and yet this is such an easy fix. Dark corners swallow valuable square footage because if you can't see it, it's like it's not there. Change the bulbs in your house to brighten it up and add some lamps where you need them. Of course the best light is natural light so maximize your windows by using sheer window coverings that give you the privacy you need without blocking out the light.


A disorganized house automatically feels smaller. Even if you cannot afford to do anything else you can give your house an immediate expansion by clearing out the stuff that does not belong. Simply by picking things up off the floors and clearing away desks and counters you will feel like you have gained some elbow room. Try swiping everything off your counters and tabletops into a cardboard box and you will see for yourself how much better it looks already. Of course you know have to sit and sort the things your whisked away and either toss, file or put away as necessary.

There is no need to feel cramped in your home. Try these tips and your home will instantly feel much bigger and brighter.

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Katherina201 wrote on December 29, 2014, 2:48 PM

One thing we have done in this singlewide trailer was to put really large mirrors on the walls. Makes it feel twice as large. Thanks for the information.

maramadalina wrote on December 29, 2014, 5:06 PM

Your tips are great and also useful. I think many people want a bigger and brighter home.

luisga814 wrote on December 29, 2014, 6:04 PM

Wow nice tip. My wife is always using some of your tips. If there will be a chance I will show your article to my wife.

rana199426 wrote on January 8, 2015, 9:47 AM

These are some informative tips, I mostly agree with the colors and the choice of furniture.