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Why is homemade meal important for the Japanese people?

Why is the homemade meal of such importance for the Japanese?

In Japan, homemade meal is the most preferred meal. It is to ensure that the ingredients used are fresh. The supermarkets in Japan always serve the freshest of food, be it vegetables or fish.

As Americans concern themselves of “proper dieting,” the Japanese encourage their children to try the different types of food without any concern for their diets, as long as they do not overindulge themselves.

There is, however, an alarming rise in obesity in Japan, especially the younger people, as western fast foods are introduced within the country.

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sheilagamo wrote on November 3, 2014, 7:10 AM

It is always best to have a home cooked meal prepared with love and care.

Feisty56 wrote on November 3, 2014, 9:52 AM

I think a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients is desirable in even Western cultures, but the speed of life seems to stand in the way for some folks.

nerdieeds wrote on November 3, 2014, 6:49 PM

I prefer home cooked meal too. I prepare my own meal

idyll wrote on November 3, 2014, 11:02 PM

it is always good to have fresh and homemade food. We also take it serious to have homemade food than outside food. Having homemade food make us not only healthy but also bonding with family.

ArshadNiazi wrote on November 4, 2014, 7:24 AM

So the same happens as in Pakistan?

bestwriter wrote on November 4, 2014, 9:15 AM

To each their own. I would not generalise about eating habits. Each country has those that care for diet food and /or fast food and those that opt for home cooked food.

twirllinks wrote on November 8, 2014, 5:51 PM

Speaking of Japanese food. I just viewing a video on how to prepare Sukiyaki and I was happy to find the easy one. I can't wait to try it.
One thing I love about Japanese food is that. It looks like they love to eat green veges. Which is healthy though.

pals101 wrote on November 10, 2014, 8:08 PM

Same here in our place, home made meals are always the best..:-)

HappyLady wrote on December 1, 2014, 2:29 PM

I read somewhere that the Japanese are, as nation, very healthy. It must be nice to be able to be really sure all the vegetables you buy are fresh.