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Last night, Halloween, I wanted to spend at home watching scary movies. Seems simple right? Apparently not. Because I got dragged to my boyfriends mothers house last night so she could supply him with his favorite pastime. I told him I did not want to go but I would for him and I asked him to call to make sure we did not go all that way for nothing. Did he do that? No. Did we go up there for nothing, yes. He got his favorite pastime taken care of though, me, I just got my holiday ruined. But, how dare I be upset. After all his mother is such a wonderful person. Not. What did I get out of last night, well first I got to ride through all the traffic all the while hearing him complain about it because he was in such a rush to get there. Meanwhile, I was cold, hungry and had to suffer through his blasting loud heavy metal music. Then we finally get there only to find, there is no candy for (which was what I wanted) and his mother has no supply of his pastime for him. So we went all that way and shot the whole day for nothing. Then when his little four year old nephew comes back from treat our treating I am told that I can't have any of his candy and its inferred that how dare I even ask. Then I am a deserted and left alone with this child as if he is mine while everyone else goes off to enjoy themselves. Then after what seems like forever and only after the child is put to bed we leave just so when we finally get home he is too tired to do anything I wanted to do that night. So am I crazy to be upset about this?

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AliCanary wrote on November 1, 2014, 1:35 PM

Well, yeah, it's not appropriate for you to try to take a four-year-old's Halloween candy, actually.