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I want to type about noises that bother me immensely. Sounds like loud music from a motorcycle or car next to me, I mean be considerate of others people, motorcycle engines reving up, and my ultimate noise that annoys is dog barking. I mean if you must have one of those creatures is it too much to ask that you keep it quiet? I mean geeze, it's like no one is considerate of anyone else anymore. What happened? Are people so self absorbed now that they seldom think of others? If this is the case which it seems it is I think this is why we are in the state of affairs that we are today. I mean if you live in a neighborhood close to other people as most do please be considerate with the amount and level of noise you make. I mean is it not a sad day when a serial killer makes a better neighbor than most people? Come on people, keep the noise down!

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