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Must Have Apps

Since I wrote a post on Applications for your smartphone, etc. I think there are some that are a "must have" on them

1. GasBuddy - tells you where you can purchase the cheapest gas near you while traveling or in your local area.

2. Flashlight - never can tell when you will it.

3. Magnifier application - there are tons of them out there so go for the freebies first.

4. Pillboxie - my favorite and I use it for doctors visits and ER visits. I have a list of what meds my husband is on and my own meds.

5. AroundMe - has establishments that are around where you are located. But, I had a comment on a website that the person was looking for a hospital and it wasn't listed. Like anything else if you are in need of medical assistance call 911 from your location via mobile phone or from a local store. Never never rely on any application for 100% accuracy.

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