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Good Steward - Fight for crime

Fighting against crime

Crime for humans

Crime for animals

Crime for Nature

Are you familiar with the song of Disney of Pocahontas “Color of the Wind”. Remind us that we must treat every living thing with respect. That we must not only care for our own but others have feelings too because they have life and spirit too.

Educating everyone about this will help them realize to love and respect. We are all connected to one another. We share one home “Mother earth” We humans have the highest intellectual being and correspond with that is the understanding. We have responsibility to care, protect and steward over them.

One with greedy heart and abusive acts will harm others and unknowingly that later they will get affected. A lot of Asians kill and sell endanger animals. They did this all for the cause of money.

Every creature has a significant role in our society. Their extension will result to higher harm to our lives and for the next generation.

It is my hope that people will act according to his conscience. That we will be a good steward

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