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Fixing a Faulty Installation in SQL Server

Start by examining the error-log files that SQL Server installation process has created for sqlstp.log (located in the Windows directory) and errorlog (with no extension). It can also be helpful to examine the event log on your machine. The first file—sqlstp.log—contains detailed information about all the errors (and events) that occurred during setup. Although most of the messages may seem incomprehensible, they can still help you determine the cause of your problem— or help you explain the problem to an experienced database administrator (DBA). The errorlog file is created during the configuration portion of the setup. At this stage, all program files are already transferred, and setup tries to start SQL Server and connect to it. Any errors that occur during this process are recorded in errorlog (some are also recorded in sqlstp.log).

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poddys wrote on October 16, 2014, 8:42 AM

So far (touch wood) I haven't had any problems installing MYSQL on a pc. Not had to install SQL SERVER though.

We did have some problems in the last month with IBM's OmniFind text search server, which took out the search functionality from our new corporate web site, but today they sent an updated Java file and that fixed it.