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Playing Dota

Hello guys, this is my 2nd post for persona paper and i just happy to enter this new site. I would like share about my experience now, I am playing DOTA together with my friend and its been a long time that we play this game. Its a 5 on 5 game together with my friend and classmates, my hero is Pudge and i don't know how to use this hero but my team is very strong. After some hectic schedule and school problems we deserve to be enjoyed to relieved stressed.

Now are are losing in the game due to lack of team work but hopefully we have a chance to win this game. just enjoying the play and have a good day to all of you just sharing :)

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MegL wrote on October 13, 2014, 6:56 AM

I have never heard of the game of Dota before. Have a good day.

ashuli wrote on October 14, 2014, 3:24 AM

i too have played Dota with my close friends many times and sometimes lost and sometimes won, its fun !