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Sports Festival and Folk Dance

Had a long day with my kids. I took a leave from work to accompany my kids at their school. I attended my daughter's sportsfest in the morning. It seems that their school is the last to celebrate their sportsfest.

A sportsfest is one of the school activities being held usually every September. It is where the kids from different schools are having a competition either through dancing or performing calisthenics and various games of different levels.

We had a parade first then afterwards we immediately proceed to the event proper. My daughter is under blue team and they performed calisthenics. It was a combination of various kinds of exercises. It was just so simple. They do not have any special effects or whatsoever. What they only have are pompoms that serves as their props. Anyway, she is just a kindergarten so no need for much exhibition.

I took some pictures of her as a remembrance for that certain event. I like to take pictures as much as possible so as one day my kids has a remembrance of what they did when they were that age. But we didn't stay too long since my daughter doesn't want to participate in any games after the competition for calisthenics.

Then in the afternoon, I accompanied my son at his school. I wanted to see how is he doing in school as well as to confirm some details regarding their family day. But to my surprise they are not going to have a class instead they are going to practice a folk dance to be performed at the end of October.

My son is quite shy and he doesn't want to participate. But you can see that he is observing. He don't want to move at first while they were practicing. But after some time observing he already tried to move and I was so happy that at last he is able to dance ;)

Today is very fulfilling. And I feel like I've been missing these kinds of days together with my kids since I am always at work. I hope someday I don't need to work and have more time with my kids.

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paigea wrote on October 2, 2014, 10:39 AM

It's wonderful to get a day to spend at your children's school event isn't it?

xelaiehm wrote on October 2, 2014, 9:23 PM

Absolutely! If only I could do that so often, I will! ;)