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Fear of beautiful women!! Is it Venustraphobia?

I have heard of the phobia of butterflys and think it is weird. But the world of phobias is more weird.

Imagine people can have phobia of words, which is called verbophobia; heaven which is called Uranophobia; and the weirdest one is technophobia the fear of technology. How will this poor soul survive?

Scholionophobia is the fear of school, if you have a bad teacher then any one will have it. Pyschophobia is a killer, it is the fear of mind. I am going to freak out.

There is also fear of progress called prosophobia. Someone who doesn't like thinking or is rather scared of the process will be said to be suffering from phronemophobia.

There's one phobia which I am hopeful no one suffers from is melophobia, which is the fear of music. I can't survive with music and melody in my life.

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Kent_123 wrote on October 15, 2014, 8:04 AM

Hi, sonu, nice article on phobia...there are many kind of phobia, we can see in people...