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How do you say!

Oh, How Do You Say!, is the famous line my colleague can never fail to say. She may forget where she has kept her important files and books but never a chance to make people feel inferior.

She is the English teacher of our school and is always searching for words that can make her accomplish her daily task of insulting people.

But this week she got a taste of her own medicine- and everyone who saw her getting it could tell you it tasted extremely bitter.

One of her notorious student, decided to take the matter (of teaching her a lesson) into his hands. He wrote a poem amalgamating the works of some of the celebrated poets of the world. Though he is a brat, he is extremely intelligent, his act was so perfect no one could detect any mischief.

This 'intelligent teacher' couldn't understand how did this student of hers wrote such an immaculate poem. On enquiring, he told her that he is taking classes from an aspiring poet, which was actually his own older brother.

Things were fixed and this teacher got the number of this aspiring poet. He agreed to meet the teacher in the school premise after she insisted that he meet her and teach her something about writing poems.

The student made sure he told everyone at school about the English teacher's new found interest, yes she was in a way attracted to this poet.

When the meet took place, the poet came in the most brilliant clothes- which made the teacher go fuming. When they met, the whole school was watching behind window panes and doors and every possible place that provided a sneak peek. She went on praising the poet on how good he wrote and that his composition was brilliant. That when it happened. The poet said , "Oh I have heard that a lotof times. Tell me something new, you didn't call me all the way here just to be so unimaginative." The teacher was shocked. The poet took the last dig, "Do you know who teaches English here. I don't like her work at all, she doesn't have any sense of English." The teacher was abolutely numb and lost. So much so, that she didn't notice the 'poet' wink at his younger brother.

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Scorpie wrote on September 27, 2014, 11:41 AM

Some people need to feel better than others to feel good about themselves. This is a fairly common personality defect. I try to avoid competition and let my work speak for itself.

Feisty56 wrote on September 27, 2014, 12:12 PM

Ouch! Wouldn't it be wonderful if the English teacher got some insights into her own behavior by this scenario? Stranger things have happened.