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Can share market earn you a living?

If you know where you are investing, you can make a great amount of money in the stock market. How do I know that, you may ask. The answer is simple, yet a bit tedious. Simple because you just have to follow the various news channels and websites that give away free market advice. Tedious, because it will require some amount of patience from your end to keep a track on these recommendations and then see for yourself which of these advices went on to be true.

Ideally a month’s speculation would be good. You will have to keep a track on what recommendations were given and which scrip’s (just a more business term for stocks) hits the target.

The few terms you need to understand are target and stop loss. Target is the price where the recommender believes the stock would go to and Stop Loss means the price where in you should exit a stock.

Say, Persona Paper was a stock trading at 100 dollars, 100 dollars would be it current market price. A market analyst ( the recommenders) would advice that it will go up to 120(that becomes your target) with a stop loss of 94. If Persona Paper goes on decreasing you can still hold the stock, but if it reaches 94 then you would have to exit the stock. The broker (the recommenders) state the stop loss which you should adhere to, it is their way of being on the safer side.

In an ideal situation, these recommendations will hit the target price, but if the market is reacting to some news, or development, then no one can predict where will the stocks lead.

Overall, stock market is a good way to earn business, but you have to be cautious as to which stocks you are putting your money- there are stocks analysis on the channels all the time, you will also have to be a bit agile and have a great internet connection.

People can make as much as 10 grand a day, but that will take some time.

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allen0187 wrote on September 25, 2014, 10:57 AM

I'm involved in the stock market but in a limited capacity. Traders don't always get it right and IMHO, it is better if one does a lot of research before buying a certain stock.

oldies909 wrote on September 30, 2014, 12:49 AM

What do you recommend are the best stocks to invest in?

sonu wrote on September 30, 2014, 9:52 AM

Where do you stay depends on that?