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5 Autumn Wedding Decorating Theme Ideas

Autumn is a favorite wedding season among many engaged couples. The changing leaves and crisp, cool air evoke love and romance. Are you infatuated with the idea of a fall wedding? Reach above and beyond to find the perfect autumn theme for your wedding. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Rustic glamour

The rustic look is common amongst fall wedding themes. Take it a step further, though, and add a touch of glamour to your wedding decor. Getting married or having a reception inside a stable is a fun idea, but a glamorous stable reception is truly unique. Crystal chandeliers with knotty woods, sequins and golden rope: A strategically-planned combination of the two themes will leave guests impressed.

Autumn leaves

Keep it simple - choose the colorful autumn leaves as your wedding motif. It is easy to incorporate the colors of fall leaves into your wedding decor, as well as leaves of various shapes and sizes. Choose your favorite leafy hues for your bridesmaids' dresses, bouquets, and so on. Then embellish your invitations, favors, and table centerpieces with a leaf motif.

Haunted Halloween

Couples with October weddings, especially those towards the end of the month, sometimes incorporate a Halloween theme into the decor. Don't go overboard with gruesome props; keep it classy. Blood punch, spiderwebs, and a couple of delightfully spooky decorations should be enough to get your point across.

Fall harvest

This is a popular theme for parties and events in autumn. Decorate with items reminiscent of fall harvest: vases filled with bundles of straw, bowls of fruit and gourds, pumpkins and so on. What else reminds you of fall and farming? Wagons, hay bales, scarecrows....

Color scheme ideas

The most popular colors in the fall are deep, rich hues: burgundy, eggplant, gold, etc. Keep these hues from creating a dark, depressing atmosphere by pairing them with brighter ones. How about eggplant and tangerine? Burgundy and sage? If you think a color is boring, make it more interesting by throwing in something unexpected - who knows, you might end up loving the combination.

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