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Is WHAFF! familiar to you..??

Hi everyone..

I had been sent an email by a friend of mine few days ago. She asked me to join, what should I call this, I don't know exactly but it is not a social site. They pay us for every activity we do in the application. There are at least two conditions we should have if we want to take a part in this "activity": having an Android cell phone, and verified PayPal account. Plus, quite fast internet network. What we should do is installing the application, and then we are ready to play. There many tasks we can do in the application, but the main task is downloading or installing sponsor applications. We are asked to install the application and if the application is a game, we should play the game for a while before we get the payment. Minimum cash out is $10. We don't write. We just install some application and each application has their own value, ranged from $0.03-$0.1

I think it can be an alternative activity if we are stuck on writing something here or there.

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Ruby3881 wrote on October 2, 2014, 2:53 AM

It sounds like a good alternative for someone who really likes to play games!