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Do not disturb. I am just convincing myself (lol)

Do not disturb. I am just convincing myself (lol)

So what? My comes late everyday. Poor things. Must be getting up late - they are young after all. One of them just broke my crystal ware. I too have done that sometimes. Does not matter how much it costs and how sentimental that piece was. It was given to me by a special friend.

One of them did not turn up today - not even a call. May be he did not have enough money in his mobile to make that call. Or just did not bother. Never mind. Things like these happen. They do not turn up many times. So what? They do not have something like casual leave, sick leave, holiday leave and so on which I enjoyed while I was working. No doubt looking at those heaps of vessels, the cooking, feeding the pets, watering the garden...........I get the shudders.

How did you like these ? I better have them else I shall collapse :grin:

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