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Black Mamba Anyone?

Mambas are the Scariest Snakes in Africa!

There are two types of these little guys. The Green and the Black. The green one is a beautiful neon green. He grows up to be around five feet. Don't be drawn in by his beauty because if you are close enough to see the white on the inside of his mouth, you probably have 30 very painful minutes to live.

The Black Mamba is the truly terrifying one though. He is not necessarily called black because of his coloring because he is typically olive, brown or green. He is called black because of the coloring of the inside of his mouth. The locals equate that with evil and death. One strike from this gentleman could easily kill 15 people and there are no dry bites. He will bite several times.

The mamba is territorial. So don't move into his crib. Who knew snakes were territorial? This species is! If you dare to walk into his space, he can take 1/3 of his body and stand straight up to look you in the eye! He has also been known to chase people. He rarely lets you off with a warning!

Stories abound about the mamba's devastating affects on families. In the middle of the night a mamba killed all members of one family save for the youngest child. Mamba's absolutely terrify people in Africa. That is the way it should be! But don't think we are always safe in this country from exotic animals.

Miami is the entry point for most animals. Most of the time those animals are placed in appropriate facilities. But not always! Some places are just not secure enough. When Hurricane Andrew hit, thousands of domestic, exotic, zoo animals, etc., were let loose into the wild. Snakes were no exception. Ever wonder why pythons are such a big problem in the Everglades now? It started with the release of them either accidently or by a natural disaster.

As I was looking for a jpg for this article, I ran across an article from a reptile zoo in South Africa. It was dated March 2013. A zoo worker went to work one morning and noticed the Black Mamba had escaped. I wish I had a picture of that worker's face. It took them a month to recover little Houdini. (Coincidentally, that was the snake's name).

Do you think we should allow animals like the Mambas into this country at all?

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bestwriter wrote on September 13, 2014, 8:47 PM

Every animal has a right to be at any place provided they are well cared for. Unless provoked no snake will harm any one.

sharron wrote on September 14, 2014, 1:55 AM

I agree every animal should be well cared for. I don't think though I would like to live next door to a lion, tiger, or chimp. Here in Alabama, there was a news story a couple of years ago where a lion and tiger I think were walking down a rural road after escaping from their cages. I love chimps, but they don't belong in private homes either. Think of poor Charla Nash.

I also think that what a snake sees as being provoking is not the same as what a human might see as provoking. I don't see how a sleeping family in Africa is provoking a Mamba. Especially to the point the Mamba feels it has to bite and kill them. What threat were they to the Mamba except maybe the Mamba felt they were in his territory and they needed to go. That really is what is unique about the Mamba. I don't know of any other snake that is as territorial as that one.

Have you ever seen the clip of Steve Irwin and a black mamba? Let us just say he had a very healthy respect for them.

bestwriter wrote on September 14, 2014, 2:43 AM

The well cared for places for animals are the forests and jungles which have been usurped. by human beings.

sharron wrote on September 14, 2014, 3:22 AM

Agreed! emoticon :winking: