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Samoan Fa'afafine Jaiyeh Saelua - World's first international transgender footballer

Samoan Fa'afafine Jaiyeh Saelua is the world's first international transgender footballer recognised and supported by FIFA. She is part of the Samoan third gender culture, the word fa'afafine being made up of the prefix fa'a meaning "in the manner of", and fafine, meaning "woman". Meantime the FA bans trans from playing or even practising with any professional or even local Sunday league team until 2 years post-op. Jaiyeh Saelua plays for the men's team and has not yet undergone any treatment but outside of football matches dresses as female.

Betting business Paddy Power's Jono take note you can be a 6'2" central defender and like buying pretty dresses! Check out the sexist (trans)misogyny on Paddy Power's latest TV advert:

As Jaiyeh proves buying a dress doesn't equate with some kind of emasculated weakness or lack of sporting courage and prowess.

Unlike in the UK and elsewhere Jaiyeh says that she has experienced no ignorance or prejudice whatsoever in her home country, American Samoa.

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