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Love is powerful weapon !!

As everyone know Love is powerful weapon. Mother love is having that weapon. My mother used to scold us whenever I come late to my home or if I did anything wrong or mistake. Yeah she will be having this tension that when I will come to the house, if the time goes up by 5 minutes then she used to make a call and used to ask me where are you and what are you doing still, come home fast. Yes, that shows her love and I used to get irritation sometimes why my mom is back of me, I am not a kid I will go home if 5 minutes late also she will tolerate why why and why I used to think. Now come to the point. Now I also have a son and the same is repeating. If my son comes from the school by 5 minutes late then I will call school van driver and I will ask him what is the reason why so late. When my son comes home I will say that son I am much worried about you because of the late.

Yeah this is mother's love, and it is so powerful. When my mother was worried about my late coming home she used to tell us and I used to come in the time because not to give any trouble to her. Now the same with me my son also told me it is not my mistake mom it is the driver uncle and the traffic. I never come late, if i want to go anywhere I will come home and then I will say you and go. So this is the thing, here understanding the love is more important. Our children or we must understand the scold or the words by them.

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AbbyBiha wrote on September 18, 2014, 12:02 AM

Mom is always worried about us, even if we reasoned out with here that we are old enough to take care of ourselves. Mom is always shows her love.