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Is The School Responsible for Accidents Happening in School Field Trips

There was a of 1st year college students here in the Philippines ages 15-16 years old. They were taking up and they had to go to some near their school. They had a signed, I guess making the school not responsible for any thing that may happen. parents sign that they allowed their children to attend. Most if not all attended because they were more or less 181 including teachers. The students said that if they did not attend they had to do some which was harder. And of course if they attend they can enjoy and see tourists spots.

According to (the other students) A group of 8 or 9 walked ahead crossing the river on a with a tourist guide. Halfway the river suddenly swelled and a strong current rushed by. The water came from the and that has happened a couple of times. They were knocked down and when they tried to stand up another washed them off. When they were walking the water was only 2 feet deep they said. The was able to save 2 . But sad to say 6 bodies were recovered and 1 more missing. The family of the missing one said someone called them and said their daughter was n the hospital but this was not yet verified.

Now the families of the victims wants to the University but the law yers of the school said they are not responsible because the parents signed a waiver but they have promised to help. But the Board of Education will look into this matter more closely and see if the field trip was necessary for the .

I feel so sad for the parents and families of the victims. it is kind of for trips like this but we really can't do much.

For me I think the school has some responsibilities because the local government said they did not inform them on their second day unlike the first day they informed them where they were going. The mayor said they could have sent more tourist guides with them had they known.

Who ever is responsible, it was a sad day yesterday for the , it seemed like they were all females who were victims and the 2 saved are because the 9 were a group of best friends now only 2 left.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on August 20, 2014, 11:50 PM

That is so very sad. The school should be held responsible in some way.

MsTina wrote on August 21, 2014, 10:52 AM

I always worry when I see those waivers. I can't imagine they are legally enforceable. How can the school say it isn't their fault when something happens and they are in charge of preventing tragedies like this. It seems that the school was at least negligent for not sending enough adults with the kids.

AliCanary wrote on August 21, 2014, 11:21 AM

This is a sad situation. I know the parents are suffering with grief and anger, and they want to lash out at what took their babies. Also I am kind of surprised that 15- and 16-year-olds are in college...? I started at 17, and that is considered young. My friends from Serbia didn't start until they were 19.

Ellis wrote on August 21, 2014, 3:55 PM

Sad for those concerned. I guess it boils down to whether or not the accident was foreseeable and if so, were the appropriate steps taken by the school to prevent it.

paperdaisyflower7 wrote on August 21, 2014, 8:55 PM

They finally found the 7th body and sad that this one had a 5 year old daughter went back to school because of her and she used to be a dancer in a nootime program to savemoney