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Everything Including The Kitchen Sink Has Been Used...

Everything including the kitchen sink has been used in matches in and I wonder what prop do you like to see being used in these matches?

Yes, there are the personal choices of wrestlers like 's , and 's sock, 's , and even 's 2 x 4. However, even without these 'personal' props, the ring and the things around it has been used by wrestlers to incapacitate their opponents. I for one am partial to using the . A steel chair shot to the back or to the head is a definite game changer. I particularly like 's !!! Another favorite of mine are the . We've seen wrestlers get slammed on the steel steps and seldom do we see wrestlers get up from it. Wrestlers have been slammed on the steel steps. Another favorite of mine is the . See the 's triple on or even the countless done by on the Spanish announce table... enough said.

So my fellow PPers, what 'foreign object' is your preferred 'weapon of destruction' in wrestling? Feel free to chime in.

Sheers and bring forth the mayhem!!!


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chatombreux wrote on August 19, 2014, 6:41 AM

Unlike Abby, I have watched WWE (back when they were still called WWF), but it was never something I enjoyed. It has the real potential to cause great harm and some people don't understand the choreography involved, so when they try it, they can be seriously injured.