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Never Fails!

Well today for my anniversary, my husband took me to go get a tattoo.
Let's just say, I have no tattoo!!!!
The guy didn't fee comfortable doing the design I wanted. So he didn't do it. Not to mention he lost his business and moved his business to his home.
First sign!
I thought if I told him what I wanted he could get a vision and draw it on me and just do it. Nope didn't happen! So mad so bummed and so annoyed.
So then we call around and nobody will do it in one session and will not let me take my son.
Yes I know what your saying, " Why is she taking her son?"
I have no family or friends to watch him. Seriously I have no one.

It is my 13th wedding anniversary and ask me what I am doing?

Home like always. You would think that my husband would at least offer to take me somewhere or just take me. Nope. what is he doing. Watching Shrek with my son. While I sit here bummed and mad and annoyed.
I chew him out every year and tell him a head of time what I would like or what I need, but do you think he listens.
Well like I said before,
Gee thanks babe for showing me your love!

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