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Alone on a Friday night. AGAIN!!!

It's Friday night and just like I predicted, I am home with my husband asleep on the couch and my son playing on my phone.
Alone pretty much. Did I mention that I am really bored. This is my typical every Friday night. No sitter, no family and no friends to do anything or so that my husband and I can just get away.
Yes my husband is tired from working, but if you knew the work my husband did you would know and understand that the wok he does is easy and unless he is burying someone then all he does is play on his new/used motorcycle. Oh and watch's tv.
I just need to get away. Stay at home mom is great because I get to be with my son but trust me and any stay at home mom can relate, WE NEED A DAY AWAY! Just to keep our sanity.
Wish my husband would do date night on pay day's or do something. Oh my gosh I am so bored and it does no good to tell him because I do and well, let's just say, I am here on a Friday night while he has been past out for the last hour!


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