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Your right and my right

What drives me up the wall is when you try and do the right thing in life and when you do it comes back times ten to bite you In the ass. All you wanted to do was the right thing and be honest or what you thought was the right thing. People say, " Honesty is the best policy", but now that I know first hand, I say,
" Honesty is not the best policy".
You know why, because I found out in life that no matter what the truth or right thing is to do or say, if the other party isn't ready to hear or see or understand the truth, then why do it? It is only going to stir **** up and break people apart and then things are not like they use to be. So a little bit of advise, If they are not ready to handle the truth then back away and move on and let the chips fall where they may.

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