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Three Kettlebell Exercises That Strengthen Thigh Muscles

Strengthening the thigh muscles can help an athlete improve his or her performance during athletic activity. If an athlete is prone to leg injuries or knee injuries, he or she should also consider exercising to strengthen the thigh muscles. There are a lot of exercises that can strengthen the thigh muscles, but an athlete that uses kettlebells to exercise is more likely to experience a better workout all around.

Here are three of the best kettlebell exercises that an athlete can do if he or she wants to strengthen his or her thigh muscles, which will decrease his or her risk of common leg injuries.

Reverse Lunge

The reverse lunge is a great kettlebell exercise that an athlete can do, especially if he or she wants to strengthen or tone the thigh muscles. The reverse lunge can strengthen the glutes, thighs, hips, and hamstrings, which are all important for maximum sports performance. For this exercise, you want to place two kettlebells near the front of your shoulder, face your palms forward, and keep your wrists bent backward a little. Take one leg and move backward, so that you are in a normal lunge position, and then bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. You want to gradually move upward from the lunge position, but keep your heel flat against the floor, and then return to starting position. You want to repeat this exercise 10 times, and then repeat the exercise 10 more times with your opposite leg in the front.

Kettlebell Cleans

The kettlebell cleans will help an athlete improve his or her thigh muscle strength, and can also help him or her improve strength in the calves as well. For this exercise, you want to begin by standing completely straight with a small forward lean, place a kettlebell in each hand, and stretch your knees so that the kettlebells are up to your waist. You want to make sure your elbows are pointing outward when you are holding the kettlebells, and hold this position for at least 30 seconds. You want your shoulders to stay above the kettlebells, and extend your leg as you begin raising the kettlebell, making sure your shoulders are almost in a shrugging position. You want to move your elbows until they are underneath the kettlebell, using your thighs and knees to absorb the weight of the kettlebell. Place the back of your hands across your shoulders, making sure that you keep your wrist bent backward a little, and also make sure your palms are out. You want to repeat this exercise 10 times, making sure you complete each repetition in one gradual motion, which is important for strengthening the thigh muscles.

Kettlebell Front Squat

The kettlebell front squat is wonderful for an athlete that is trying to improve his or her thigh muscle strength. For this exercise, you want to hold one kettlebell in each hand near your chest, stand in an upright position, and place your feet hips length apart. Bend your knees a little bit, lower your back down, and make sure your upper body is slightly moving forward. You want your knees parallel to your toes, which mean you should be slightly sitting down, and then return to your starting position. You want to repeat the exercise 10 times, making sure that your thighs and knees are parallel to the floor before moving onto the next repetition.

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hezekiah wrote on August 15, 2014, 8:17 PM

It's good to know muscle strengthening exercise that don't rely on weight lifting.

allen0187 wrote on August 16, 2014, 1:45 AM

I'm going to look up videos of these exercises. I'm actually turning out to be a big kettle bell fan nowadays.

madhavan_as wrote on August 25, 2014, 11:46 AM

nice and fine things to know about exercises. Keep on posting.

Feisty56 wrote on October 1, 2014, 8:59 PM

After reading this, I'm thinking the purchase of a kettlebell may be in my future! Shared to social media to help spread the word.