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Three No-Bake Gluten-Free Desserts

There are a lot of desserts that you can make if you are on a gluten-free diet, but a lot of them require baking, and that is something a lot of people don't have time for. For me, I enjoy simple no-bake desserts because you can make them within minutes and still satisfy your sweet tooth without the trouble of baking. I grew up eating a lot of gluten-free products, because my ex-stepmother was diabetic and trying to watch her weight, so here are three no-bake dessert recipes that we used to make on a regular basis.

Homemade Banana and Berry Sorbet

One of the most delicious no-bake gluten-free recipes that we used to make when I was growing up was banana and berry sorbet. We loved this dessert because my dad was not a fan of chocolate, so it was something we all could enjoy, especially during the hot summer months. One great thing too about this recipe is that you can change it to add any fruits you want, so you have a lot of variety when it comes to the type of sorbet you make. For this recipe, you will need two cups of frozen berries, two cups of bananas sliced, one-half cup orange juice, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and six tablespoons of honey. You can add almonds if you want with this recipe for a little crunch, although we preferred to add walnuts or some pecans as the topping. What you want to do is get a saucepan and turn it on low, pour in the orange juice and honey, and stir lightly until combined. Turn off the heat and cool before placing into a blender, then add the other ingredients into the blender as well. You want to blend all of the ingredients together until everything is very creamy, you can add more of any ingredient if you choose during this process. You can have the sorbet right then, but I prefer to put the mixture into the freezer for a few hours to let it get nice and cold before eating.

Blackberry Popsicle

Blackberry popsicles are a great gluten-free dessert and is something that a lot of people can enjoy. If you don't like blackberry you can switch it to strawberry or cranberry, so there is a lot of leeway in this recipe. For this recipe all you need is one cup of vanilla yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, one-half cup blackberries, and one-half cup of milk. All you have to do is pour all of the ingredients into a blender until combined well, then use a strainer to get out the seeds from the blackberries. You want to get a popsicle mold kit and pour the mixture into it, then let it freeze for about six hours before serving. If you don't have the popsicle mold, you can just use small bowls or cups, and you still get the same great taste.

Strawberry Granita

Another great gluten-free dessert is a strawberry granita, which I love because of the fact strawberries are a great summer fruit. I love this recipe because you can add bananas or other fruits to it, and even add almonds if you want. My ex-stepmother always made this during the summer, especially for family events, because it is so easy and cheap to make. Not to mention, it also satisfies your sweet tooth, so we always used to make this whenever we wanted something sweet quickly. For this, all you need is one-half cup of sugar, one-half cup water, four cups of sliced strawberries, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. You want to put the water and sugar into a blender, mix it until it's all combined, and then add the strawberries and lemon juice. You want to make sure you blend the ingredients until it is smooth, then pour the mixture into a pan. You want to freeze this for about five hours, making sure you stir everything a couple of times before it completely freezes. You want to take it out of the freezer and let it thaw lightly, then use a fork to fluff it up before serving. One way we changed this recipe was that we would add nuts to the bottom so that it was almost like a crust, and it gave it great flavor.

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BarbRad wrote on August 18, 2014, 11:58 PM

This sounds exactly like what my husband needs to satisfy his sweet tooth. Thank you.

tinamarie wrote on August 20, 2014, 11:20 AM

I will have to add these to my gluten free list. They sound wonderful. :)

madhavan_as wrote on August 25, 2014, 11:47 AM

Good and neatly written and nicely done indeed. Happy hours at pp