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Loving Me Bed

The week ended with a huge thud in bed. Luckily the bed didn't give way. It's still standing with its four feet apart supporting me reluctantly. Apparently, this will be the longest quality time I'll spend in my lovely and cosy bed. I am totally knackered!

After a long week of hiatus my hands were itching to write. I have a few topics in mind, though I need motivation to scribble everything in perspective. After all, if I can't organise my thoughts and all those ideas that were seemingly brewing in my head, it would be on hold forever until poetic justice gets the best of me.

Mental exercise is what I've been clamouring. This kind of habit is too hard to be kicked on the curbside. To say the least, it will be far from being vanglorious as I am not fond of referring or comparing myself as an exemplary human being. Only that I'm fascinated with my thinking cap at times. So if the crazies take over me, lo and behold the monkeys have gotten hold of me.

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MegL wrote on August 15, 2014, 3:00 PM

You have just reminded me of the last time I heard a thud in bed. It was nearly 60 years ago and I was bouncing on my parents' bed, when the leg collapsed. My father had to prop the bed up with a pile of books until he could get a new one! Funny, I have never taken to trampolining! LOL.

btrino wrote on August 16, 2014, 1:20 AM

Funny! But hey that was both metaphorically and literally speaking. Anyway it was a pleasure to be of help with your tour down memory lane. I can imagine a genuine laugh from you. :)