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Re-login in to Bubblews

Today Once again I have re-login in to Bubblews site, when I open the with a link which I have saved long back. The site was opened, initially i think that the site belongs to others. After that I know that it is Bubblews, I do not find the login button when I find login button does not remember the password. Because i am using several passwords to several sites, I got my password by sending a message to password recovery.

Once again I have login to Bubblews site, I have not find my page. Every thing was changed in the site, it will take to me few days to learn how use the new site perfectly. As a first step I have tried to post an article, when I have tried to submit it. The site is saying that it must have minimum of 400 characters, so I could not post it. I know that several people are using Bubblews site here for earning money, kindly guide me in Bubblews how to post articles, comments, likes and messages.

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MaeLou wrote on August 13, 2014, 8:07 AM

I think this is a question best geared towards Bubblews. Maybe you could contact their support and ask them. We're not a Bubblews support site.